Found 401 matters

Representing client in a tax dispute

Client: Shell Exploration & Production Ukraine Investments

Project Lead: Andriy Stelmashchuk

Camozzi LLC - advising on acquisition of facilities for a new factory

Client: Camozzi LLC

Project Lead: Alexander Borodkin

Major Ukrainian bank - advising on online lending project implementation

Client: Major Ukrainian bank

Project Lead: Alexander Borodkin

AWAS - advising on aircraft sale and lease

Client: AWAS

Project Lead: Anna Sisetska

Italian home appliance manufacturer

Client: Italian home appliance manufacturer

Project Lead: Oksana Voynarovska

Multi Veste Ukraine 1 - dispute regarding the ownership of the land plot

Client: Multi Veste Ukraine 1

Project Lead: Andriy Stelmashchuk

Hongyang Metal Industry - land disputes with the prosecutor

Client: Hongyang Metal Industry

Project Lead: Andriy Stelmashchuk

PUJSC FIDOBANK - advising owners on acquisition of PC “Erste Bank”


ING Group N.V. - advising on Ukrainian Law Matters Related to Sale of Eastern Europe Custody Services to Citigroup

Client: ING Group N.V.

Representing International Tobacco Company in Tax Litigation

Client: International Tobacco Company

Project Lead: Andriy Stelmashchuk